Contactless Distribution Service

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Distributing parking permits to your drivers is a time-consuming and tedious job. Optimize your staff’s time and eliminate these low value tasks with Rydin’s No-Contact Distribution Service. Our experts will prepare your printed products and any other inserts, mail them directly to your community members and get them to your recipients. The most important aspect of any parking program is getting the right permits into the recipients’ hands on time.


One Stop Solution - Distribution

How It Works:

1. Forward Mailing Data to Rydin
Simply upload a CSV file with your drivers' names, mailing addresses and permit types to our secure SFTP site. Our expert Data Processing Team is automatically notified and will begin to prepare your files for processing.
2. Parking Permit Packets Are Prepared for Mailing
Our team will collate each parking permit into an envelope, along with an introduction letter. You can choose to include other important literature, such as: News & Updates, Frequently Asked Questions, Parking Rules, and Holiday Parking Schedules. Orders are processed and typically in the mail within 48 hours, unless an exact mailing date is provided.
3. Permits Are Delivered to Your Recipients
The parking permits are sent directly to your drivers! You will receive an updated database that indicates who received which permit number and when their packet was sent.
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Security Concerns? Rest assured, each individual account that uses our SFTP server is given a unique username and password that will only allow the account access to items within their own folder. No account can see another account’s files or information when they login. We also recommend the use of FileZilla to transfer files to the server. FileZilla created a secure connection to the SFTP site, ensuring nothing can get intercepted on the way to us.

To find out more information on the security of SFTP, click here.

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What Customers Have to Say About Working With Rydin for Parking Permit Distribution:
Institutions across the country are benefiting from the expertise of Rydin and the ease of using Rydin Permit Distribution Services.

To download a PDF about Rydin’s Distribution Services, please click here.