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Secure Access With Custom Printed Passes, Tickets, and Credentials.

When you request a quote from Rydin, creating high-quality, secure custom event tickets, passes, or identifying credentials has never been easier. You’ll be able to discuss your needs with a dedicated representative to find the solution that works for you.

Get Started with Tickets and Credentials Today:

Event Tickets

Create custom tickets to announce your event in style while keeping it secure and organized. Our team will work with your design to create tickets that will match your event’s unique needs.

Take a look at some of Rydin’s popular designs to help you get started, or easily create a custom design from scratch with the help of our team.

Rydin’s expertise in specialty printing also allows you to create more unique ticket designs with added security and appeal. Perforation, Metallic Blast, barcodes, numbering, foil, and many more options can be added to your ticket design. Check out some of the options below and get started with a quote today!


Controlled personal access is a key safety and security priority. Rydin’s industry-leading sequential data printing abilities allow our team to assist you in effectively creating custom-printed credentials and name badges for employees, sporting events, press events, and more.

Looking to create your design yourself? Take a look at our name badge and credential page below and design your own on our popular 25 mil. composite.

If you’re looking for a more advanced design, or need to implement additional security features into your design such as; barcodes, RFID, micro-printing, or special lamination request a quote and get started with the Rydin team!

Season Passes & Ticket Cards

Popular for sporting events and entertainment venues, event passes and ticket cards provide quick identification and access to guests. With Rydin, the only limit to your design are your needs.

Each design and card can be printed on any number of temporary or permanent materials with an array of available security features. Rydin’s unique blend of specialty print capabilities will easily exceed the goals of your project

Consult with our expert team on your needs today!

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