Rydin has an extensive array of materials, security features and services to perfectly customize your parking permit or other printed product. Read on to learn more.

Hang Tag Materials

Composite materials – Rydin offers a variety of composite material combinations.  The standard hang tag product line is made of a 25 mil composite material. It has the look and feel of a credit card. Graphics and text print clean and sharp, and the image is protected from scratching and scuffing due to the layers of laminate. To prevent premature fading, UV inhibitors are used in the outside layer. Our composite products are also available in 30 and 35 mil upon request. We also offer a holographic laminate for additional anti-counterfeit protection.

207548A-CS-008 207653G-CS-051 225740J-CS-083 232178B-CS-085

100# White Gloss Cover is a bright white, 10 point paper with a smooth finish. It works well for scratch-off hang tags, keepsake tickets, or stadium credentials. It can be enhanced with foil or hologram stamping.

170638G-CS-001 170639H-CS-002 206136H-CS-044 169580E-CS-043

110# White Index Paper is an uncoated paper. It is typically used for temporary hang tags when a low cost option is needed. It can be easily written on with pen, pencil or rubber stamps.


24 Point Card Stock is a heavy cover weight paper that is used when a more sturdy paper product is needed. It can be used for temporary hang tags that are required to last a little longer.


Polyethylene is a semi-rigid plastic available in thicknesses of 23, 35, and 75 mils. It can be laminated with Kaleidoscope or reflective materials for anti-counterfeit features. The 23 and 35 mil thicknesses work well for hang tags.


Decal Materials

80# White Gloss Cover is a destructible material that is often used for inside window decals. It has a smooth bright white finish making it an excellent choice for quality image reproduction. It is a great product for an attractive, yet secure window application decal.


Acetate is a clear, semi-destructible material used for inside window application. It has a permanent adhesive; do not use this material if you want the permit to be transferable.

210005E-CS-018 232176K-CS-0222 207550C-CS-037

Clear Vinyl with a permanent adhesive is a somewhat flexible, clear material that is typically used for window decals. It comes with an aggressive adhesive.

Honoring Their Sacrifice-CS-013

Clear Vinyl with a removable adhesive is a somewhat flexible, clear material that has a low tack adhesive, making it an excellent choice when the permit needs to be transferable. It is recommended over cling vinyl due to its stability and durability.


Static Vinyl or Cling Vinyl is a clear material that is used when an aggressive adhesive is not wanted.  It’s perfect for temporary or short term decals because this material has NO adhesive and although it can be used as a transferable decal, it is not recommended.  If a transferable permit is required, a clear vinyl with removable adhesive would be our recommendation.


White Vinyl is the most common outdoor material we use. It is a 4mil thick material that is somewhat flexible allowing it to fit to surfaces that are not totally flat. It is a good choice for the outside application of permits or bumper stickers.

169761J-CS-011 232175J-CS-015 220302F-CS-048 224089I-CS-076

Cold Weather Vinyl is also a 4 mil thick material. It is used for products that need to be applied in colder weather, as temperature can affect the time it takes adhesive to fully adhere.

207087B-CS-061 205949H-CS-082

Clear  polyester with a permanent adhesive is a very durable material that does not tear easily making it ideal for inside or outside applications.


Clear polyester with a removable adhesive has a low tack adhesive, making it an excellent choice when the decal needs to be transferable. It is recommended over cling vinyl due to its stability and durability.


White Opaque Polyester is used for window decals that have printing on both sides. It is constructed so the print from one side does not show through the other side. This is typically used for membership decals or other signage that is applied to glass doors. It can have either a permanent or removable adhesive.


Security Materials

Counterfeit parking permits are a legitimate concern. It’s amazing the amount of work people will go through to avoid paying for a legitimate permit.

Often, the counterfeit permits are obvious fakes and easily detected by parking enforcement personnel (Oh, the stories we’ve heard!) However, some are realistic enough that it causes enforcement to spend more time than necessary to inspect permits. This can slow down the entire patrolling process, especially at night.

Wouldn’t it be great if permits were harder to counterfeit, and easier to identify as valid? Rydin can make that happen in a number of ways.

Let’s start with materials.

Reflective material can be used as a pressure sensitive decal or laminated to another material to be used on hang tags. Reflecting light from headlights or flashlights provide high visibility of this material at night.

222550J-CS-041 205153D-CS-080 228952J-CS-093

Inside-Window Reflective material provides the same benefit as our other reflective decals but is used on permits that are affixed inside the vehicle’s window.


Prismcal is a prismatic material with a “holographic” like feature that changes its look depending on the angle it is viewed. It can be used for decals or hang tags.


“Void” Polyester is a material that once applied, is very difficult to remove without destroying the permit. It is intended for a single use only. It has special adhesive on the back that if removal of the permit is attempted, the words “VOID” will appear across the permit. This material comes in both silver and

210003C-CS-062 206140A-CS-063 Void-Material-300x258

Security Features

Metallic foil and Holographic material can be applied to a variety of materials to add a security feature that is very difficult to counterfeit. Foils come in a variety of solid colors, and holographic films have 2D or 3D light refracting patterns. The hologram can also be micro-etched creating a totally unique pattern that is applied to the film.

Counterfeit Deterrent Ink is a clear ink that is only visible when illuminated by a black light.

Micro-print uses traditional ink, but the text is reduced to a size so small that it appears as a solid line to the unaided eye. Magnification is needed to be able to be read this print, and it is too small to be artificially reproduced by most copier machines or digital printers.


Security slits can be used to help a material become more destructible. The slits cause the material to tear when removal is attempted.

security slits 3

Holographic security lamination can be applied to our composite products. The laminate contains a 3D hologram making it extremely difficult to counterfeit.


Rydin is committed to offering our customers specialized services at their request. Below are some examples of these services, but should you have a special request, please contact us for additional information. We love helping our customers in any way possible!

Liner Instructions allow you to communicate your application instructions or directional information on the removable liner portion of your decal.

Instructions on the back of a decal can be added to allow you to communicate information such as emergency numbers, that will remain in the vehicle for the duration of the permits use.

Sequential Numbering can be applied to most any product. Depending on the choice of materials and the production method, sequential numbering can also have a variety of styles and variations applied. Talk to your sales rep for more information.

Barcoding can be added to most any decal or hang tag to increase security and identify vehicles. Various encoding languages are available.

bar code hang tag

Polybagging simplifies your distribution process. Decals are inserted into clear plastic bags and delivered in roll form. Permits are pulled from the box in sequential order and easily removed at the perforations.

Glassine Bags are very beneficial when distributing permits. Your product is placed in separate transparent bags that are open on one end. The bags are not on a continuous roll.

Piggyback Labeling is a service where labels are applied to the outside of the polybags. They can include the same sequential number as the contents of the polybag. A corresponding barcode with a human-readable number is available to make scanning the label at the point-of-sale a breeze.

Adhesive Strips can be added by placing a two-sided tape to a finished product. The tape usually has permanent adhesive on one side and removable liner on the other. This tape is used for temporary permits and law enforcement tickets.


Permit books can be produced that are either adhesive bound or stapled. This can be customized based on your needs.

Hole Punching is the process of creating round holes to a finished product for applying suction cups, elastic string loops or pins.

Shrink-wrapping is available for most products. This can provide a layer of protection and a cost-effective way to create convenient-sized packs, allowing for easier handling and distribution of the printed pieces.

Stapling can be used for the gathering and fastening together of separate sheets. Stapling can be as simple as placing a single staple through the corner of a set of documents or can refer to the creation of small durable booklets.

String Loops are made of an elastic string. They can be made in various lengths and are attached to individual pieces. This is a popular feature for event credentials or product tags.

Padding consists of applying a flexible adhesive along one edge of a collated product. The adhesive secures the sheets as a unit, but allows the topmost sheet to be easily removed as needed. In most cases, padded sheets incorporate a chipboard backer for rigidity.

Custom Packaging is a packing service specialized for your needs. If you have a custom packaging request, please work with a Sales Representative. We are happy to accommodate the requests of our customers.

Standard Color Chart

Below are the standard colors that Rydin offers. Colors may vary based on monitor settings. Please contact your Sales Rep for additional details.


Additional Information/Requests

Do you have a special request regarding the production, handling, or shipping of your product? We are happy to help. Please contact our Sales Team with any request, and we will do our absolute best to make it a reality!

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