Counterfeit parking permits are a legitimate concern.

It’s amazing the amount of work people will go through to avoid paying for a legitimate permit.

Often, the counterfeit permits are obvious fakes and easily detected by parking enforcement personnel (Oh, the stories we’ve heard!) However, some are realistic enough that it causes enforcement to spend longer than necessary to inspect permits. This can slow down the entire patrolling process, especially at night.

Wouldn’t it be great if permits were harder to counterfeit, and easier to identify as valid? Rydin can make that happen in a number of ways.

Let’s start with materials.

Reflective material can be used as a pressure sensitive decal or laminated to another material to be used on hang tags. Reflecting light from headlights or flashlights provide high visibility of this material at night.

222550J-CS-041 205153D-CS-080 228952J-CS-093

Inside-Window Reflective material provides the same benefit as our other reflective decals but is used on permits that are affixed inside the vehicle’s window.


Prismcal is a prismatic material with a “holographic” like feature that changes its look depending on the angle it is viewed. It can be used for decals or hang tags.


“Void” Polyester is a material that once applied, is very difficult to remove without destroying the permit. It is intended for a single use only. It has special adhesive on the back that if removal of the permit is attempted, the words “VOID” will appear across the permit. This material comes in both silver and white.

210003C-CS-062 206140A-CS-063 Void-Material-300x258

What others ways can we fight counterfeiting? 

Metallic foil and Holographic material can be applied to a variety of materials to add a security feature that is very difficult to counterfeit. Foils come in a variety of solid colors, and holographic films have 2D or 3D light refracting patterns. The hologram can also be micro-etched creating a totally unique pattern that is applied to the film.

Micro-print uses traditional ink, but the text is reduced to a size so small that it appears as a solid line to the unaided eye. Magnification is needed to be able to read this print, and it is too small to be artificially reproduced by most copier machines or digital printers.


Security slits can be used to help a material become more destructible. The slits cause the material to tear when removal is attempted.

security slits 3

Holographic security lamination can be applied to our composite products. The laminate contains a 3D hologram making it extremely difficult to counterfeit.

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