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Backpack Tags and Custom Student Pickup Hang Tags From Rydin.

Authorized access is critical for safety, but even more so for a school or childcare facility during the daily arrival and dismissal process. This includes the use of backpack tags.

Creating a safe and secure Parent Pickup or Student Dismissal Program starts with unique hang tags, backpack tags, and key tags.

  • Mirror or Visor Hang Tags offer quick identification of parents and guardians in a car line.
  •  Tags provide quick student identification and placement.
  • Key Tags are convenient matching tags that can be carried and identified anywhere.

Quality Materials and Security Features.

At Rydin, we understand that quality, safety, and security are top priorities for the dismissal of students; so we’ve made them ours!

Rydin’s unique supply of materials and security features create custom tags that are easy to identify while keeping counterfeiters away.

Join the thousands of schools that have trusted Rydin with creating their custom drop-off and pick-up hangtags, backpack tags, and key tags.

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