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Rydin is the go-to specialized print expert and partner for thousands of municipal and government agencies across North America. Here at Rydin, we put the focus where it counts:

  • Dedicated Print Solution Experts
  • Advanced Production Facility
  • High-Quality Materials and Features
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • On-time Delivery
  • In-house Design Team

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Permit Licensing Product Examples for government agencies and municipalities specialized print

Permit Licensing

Municipal or agency laws and regulations often require easy-to-spot but hard-to-replicate decals or tags that ensure local businesses are operating in compliance with special permitting and licensing requirements.

Rydin offers fully custom printed products to fulfill your unique applications. A few of the products that have made us the industry-leading specialized print solution provider for permit licensing include:

  • Solid Waste Decals
  • Vendor License Decals
  • Business License Decals
  • Taxi Permits
  • Transfer Station Permits
  • Fleet Vehicle Permits
  • Coin Operated Machine Decals
  • Landfill & Recycling Permits
  • Limitless customization to manage enforcement
  • Enhance enforcement with added security features
  • High-quality materials create lasting or temporary permits

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Recreational Permitting

Use printed permits for your public lands and waterways to ensure the safety of your community while keeping natural, cultural, and historical resources maintained. 

Some of the recreational permits Rydin specializes in printing include:

  • Beach Permits
  • Golf Cart Decals
  • Off-Road Vehicle Permits
  • Park Passes
  • Vessel Decals
  • Boat Permits
  • Easily identify printed permits on vehicles, patrons, and watercraft
  • Durable materials create lasting permits 
  • Security features deter counterfeiting and transferring permits 

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Recreational permits and decal examples for government agencies and municipalities specialized print
Parking Enforcement Product Examples for government agencies and municipalities print services

Parking Enforcement

With tens of thousands of happy customers, Rydin’s print experts provide municipalities and government agencies with limitless parking enforcement customizations.

Parking permits, decals, placards, and hang tags from Rydin help to keep your community moving and safe. While our parking solutions are endless, some of our past work includes:

  • Visitor Parking Permits
  • Annual Parking Permits
  • Preferential Parking Permits
  • Residential Parking Permits
  • Scratch-off Parking Permits
  • Commuter Parking Permits
  • Fully custom hang tag or decal designs easily identify vehicles
  • Enhance enforcement with security features for any budget 
  • Budget friendly, long-lasting or temporary material choices

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Regulation Enforcement

Support your municipal or government agency programs with Rydin’s official regulation enforcement products produced to meet necessary specifications.

Some examples of the most common products we produce include:

  • Tax Stamps
  • IFTA Decals
  • Disabled Parking Permits
  • Re-Entry Permits
  • Vehicle Inspection Decals
  • Weights and Measures Decals
  • Easily identify permitted vehicles, products, properties, and people 
  • High-quality material choices and security features to fit any budget 
  • Guaranteed delivery dates won’t disrupt your enforcement policies

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Regulation Permitting Product Examples for government agencies and municipalities print services
Labeling tags and ID card examples for government agencies and municipalities specialized print

Validation and Identification

Identification of people, assets, information, and animals keeps communities moving and safe. Small labeling decals and aluminum tags are meant to ensure proper tracking and accountability. Identification badges ensure secure access, use, and safety in your community. 

Some of the items we’ve been able to produce for municipalities and government agencies for these purposes include:

  • Identification Badges
  • Motorcycle Tags
  • Validators
  • Asset Labels
  • Rabies and Pet Tags
  • Property ID Labels
  • Industry-leading security features available on any product 
  • Limitless customization
  • Personalize using variable data

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Security Features

Fraudulent counterfeiting to avoid fees, avoid registration, or to gain restricted access is a very serious concern and security threat for any municipality or government agency

At Rydin, we offer a range of innovative, high-quality, and proprietary security features designed to deter fraudulent acts on any budget. Rydin security features include, but are not limited to:

  • Holograms
  • Barcoding
  • Self-Voiding Material 
  • Reflective Material 
  • Metallic BlastSM
  • Sequential Numbering
  • RFID Technology
  • Mosaic Laminate
  • Metallic Foil Stamping
  • Micro-Printing

Add security features to your printed products to ease enforcement, while making unauthorized use much more difficult.  

  • Learn more about Rydin’s custom security solutions here!

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security feature product and material examples for government agencies and municipalities
Material and Add Ons Available for Products on This Page

Materials and Additional Services

At Rydin we meet every fully-custom print project head-on with dozens of standard materials and additional services for each challenge and budget. Some of our most common requests include the following:

  • Custom Die-Cuts
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Materials for Every Purpose
  • Polybagging
  • Liner Instructions
  • Book Binding

Explore the options and benefits for each of Rydin’s material and additional services below: 

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Distribution Services &
Permit Management Software

Rydin offers two great specialized services built to meet the different print, distribution, and enforcement needs of an organization. 

Distributing permits can be a time-consuming and tedious job. Optimize staff time while increasing efficiency with Rydin’s Distribution Service 

  • Permits are produced, prepared for mailing, and shipped on time to one location or directly to their proper recipients
  • Extra information or inserts that the recipients should have can be easily printed and included
  • No need to hire temporary staff or pause other critical tasks to deal with annual permits

Rydin’s expert distribution services can be optimally combined with our powerful web-based solution Rydin Permit Express® for permit registration, payment, and citation management. Provide your municipality or agency with simplified permitting management. 

  • A convenient e-commerce portal allows online registration and payment
  • Access and manage from anywhere with our Android™ app, or through any device with an internet browser
  • Receive a temporary permit through email while the permits are prepared for immediate enforcement
  • Combine with Rydin’s distribution service and eliminate the need for customers to make on-site visits to pick up their permits

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Rydin products are printed in the USA, with over 65 years providing fully custom print solutions we pride ourselves on being a trusted expert and partner to all.

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