Product Description

Shape: R (Vertical Hang Tag)
Size: 2.75″ x 4.75″
Customization: Change all 3 of the background colors. Add text, logos, or images. Create any look you’d like with our online Design Tool.
Material: 25 mil Composite (Other materials available, click here to learn more.)
Security: Ask your account rep about how you can make this the most secure hangtag for your organization with additional security features. Click here to learn more.
Numbering: Permits can be printed in custom sequential order for no additional charge.

25 mil Composite is engineered to be:
Eye-catching: Looks and feels similar to a credit card – rigid and durable, with a gloss finish.
Clean: Images and graphics print clean and crisp.
Durable: Graphics, text, and other printed elements are protected between layers of plastic — they will not scratch or scuff. Will stand up to extreme temperatures that can exist inside the vehicle.
Fade Resistant: UV-Inhibitors are infused into the material – which makes the hang tag resist premature fading.

Additional materials are available based on your requirements. Security features and other services can also be incorporated into your design. Please contact us for more details.