Product Description

Create this solid background decal customized to your needs at Rydin!  These decals work great for controlling parking at your school, facility, or community.  Create the look you want with our online design tool or work with a representative to find the perfect solution!   Along with the standard solid background, you can choose to include your own logo, color choice of the background, and text.  The solid background decal is fully customizable.

In addition to standard options, Rydin has several features for offering extra security with your decals.  Speak to a Representative to find out what features work best for your needs.  Add sequential numbering to the decals for no additional fee so you can keep track of the permits and passes given out.

  • Size: 3″x 3″ square.
  • Customization: Customize, text logo, and colors.
  • Security: Ask a representative about custom tamper proof material and additional security features.
  • Numbering: Sequential Numbering is offered at no additional fee.
  • Available In: 
    • Inside Window (peel-off face): Non-destructive clear polyester material.
    • Bumper (peel-off back): Non-destructible white vinyl material.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We pride ourselves on our work.  Read about our Satisfaction Guarantee.