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Education is the key to facility safety. Rydin is an Amazon Authorized Vendor of printed materials that include WorkingWell, Safety, and informational printed solutions across North America. Rydin works with your project goals in mind to ensure that all solutions can be created, printed, and distributed across your facility. 

Some of the most popular requests we receive include:

  • WorkingWell Injury Prevention
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Access Permitting

Check out some of the great options we’ve provided to Amazon facilities like yours below, then fill out the Information Request form to get in touch with a representative that will work to meet your projects goals. 

Amazon WorkingWell Self Care and First Aid Product Examples

WorkingWell and AMCARE

Rydin’s most popular custom printed solution for Amazon facilities, WorkingWell and AMCARE are Amazon corporate initiatives established to create a positive employee health, safety, and wellbeing environment. 

  • AMCARE badges are quick reference materials that can be worn around an employee’s neck to provide critical instructions, contact information, and procedures in the event of an injury or illness. 
  • WorkingWell is an Amazon initiative to provide physical and mental activities, wellness exercises, and healthy eating support that are scientifically proven to recharge and reenergize, ultimately reducing the risk or injury or illness. WorkingWell badges are worn by employees as quick reference guides and support. 

Safety Cards and Equipment Tags

Promote a safe work environment with any number of custom printed solutions that can help to establish and maintain working standards and conditions. 

  • Incentivize employees with safe action punch cards to fix listed safety hazards and avoid accidents.
  • Provide a how-to guide for the safe operating of equipment and machinery that can be easily attached where needed most. 
Amazon WorkingWell Safety Card Product Examples
Amazon Custom Printed Evacuation Maps and Badges

Evacuation Badges and Maps

Guide staff and visitors to safety with a concise Evacuation Plan. A safety plan is critical for the security and safety of any warehouse, manufacturing, or office environment. 

  • Create an easy to use quick reference  to direct staff and visitors in the event of an emergency. Evacuation maps can be used on most surfaces and customized to the unique layout of any facility. 
  • Generally worn around an employee’s neck, badges can be customized to a facility’s unique layout and offer a quick where-to-go, or what-to-do guide for any situation a facility may face. 

Permits, Shift Badges, and Other Department Solutions

Create effective tools to manage employee knowledge or secure private areas with ease.

  • Quickly provide information about attendance, time off, and other personnel resources on a wearable badge or lanyard.
  • Specialized and secure parking permit hang tags or decals allow monitoring and identification of secure facility employee and visitor vehicles.

Rydin products are printed in the USA, with over 65 years providing fully custom print solutions we pride ourselves on being a trusted expert and partner to all.

As an Amazon Approved Vendor, Rydin is here for you. Ask your representative about any solutions that would work to meet your departments needs and goals.

Amazon Approved Vendor: Rydin Decal
COUPA Payee/Supplier ID: 134196691

Amazon Time Clock Badges and Parking Permit Examples
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