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Warning Stickers are an effective and affordable way to prevent first-time violators from becoming repeat offenders.

The stickers are printed on fluorescent red material, so they are easily seen. The adhesive on the back ensures that they will stick in a wide range of weather - and they won't blow away in the wind. The form on the back enables your enforcement staff an easy way to record important vehicle information that can be kept on file.

Warning Stickers are sold in convenient packs of 100 stickers.

Warning Stickers ship on the next normal business day (Monday - Friday) after the order is placed. If Warning Stickers are part of an order that includes non-stock items, then all items will follow the non-stock item shipping schedule.

Size:           7"W x 5"H
Material:  Fluorescent Red Paper with Adhesive Backing
Quantity: 1 = 100 Stickers


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