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Vinyl Stickers & Decals
Rydin Decal is an industry leader in custom vinyl stickers and decalsof all kinds, shapes, sizes, colors and purposes including:
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Select from the Vinyl Sticker & Decal styles below for more information.
Whatever you need in the way of custom manufacturing for stickers and decals, Rydin can provide. We've been making custom printed products for business and industry, membership organizations, educational institutions, school spirit, sports teams, property management companies, towing companies, health care and hospitals, governments, airports, and a variety of leisure industries for more than 50 years. Our five decades of experience ensures that your custom vinyl stickers and decals will meet and exceed all your expectations -- as will the level of customer service you will receive.

Custom Options

When you work with Rydin, the only limit to your end product is your own creativity. You can truly customize your decals and stickers however you choose, including size, shape, style, design, font (typestyle), background colors, print colors, text, instructions, motto, slogan, single-sided printing, double-sided printing, and your own custom graphics and artwork including a full-color photograph and/or your special logo, mascot, seal, emblem, service mark or any other special image that defines your organization or brand – including holograms or foil stamping for a touch of class. You can also decide to choose a completely Custom Die Cut Shape for your decals if you’re interested in making your decals totally unique and really stand out.

In addition, we offer a host of special security features such as barcoding, watermarks, micro print, "invisible" ink, and destructible materials to make your custom vinyl stickers and decals counterfeit- and theft-proof.

Choice of Materials

Rydin offers custom decals and stickers in a choice of vinyls, including:
  • White Vinyl - The most common outdoor material we use is this 4mil (.004 inch) vinyl. It is also used indoors and is somewhat flexible, which enables it to conform to surfaces that are not totally flat.
  • Clear Vinyl - A clear, somewhat flexible material that can be used inside or outside. It is much thicker than other inside window material and is generally used if you need a bit more durability..
  • Cold Weather Vinyl - Temperature can affect the time it take adhesive to fully adhere. This material is used for stickers that need to be applied and to perform well in colder weather. It has the same basic properties as white vinyl.
  • Destructible Vinyl - This material is used wherever high security is the key. It is thin with a very aggressive adhesive and once applied, it cannot be removed in one piece. It is white with adhesive on the back.
  • Reflective Vinyl - This material can be used as a bumper sticker permit or laminated on a parking hang tag. It will reflect a light beam from a head lamp or flashlight to make it highly visible at night or in low light conditions such as a poorly-lit underground parking garage.
  • Static Vinyl - If you're looking for custom vinyl stickers and decals that will stick to a glass surface without adhesive, this clear vinyl is the way to go. Also referred to as "cling" material, static vinyl is great for temporary permits or decals used for short term, low security applications.
  • Rydin Reflex - This premium vinyl is used when you need security and visibility. It has a proprietary water mark that’s integrated into the surface to give it anti-counterfeit properties. It is also destructible, difficult to remove in one piece – and only available from Rydin.

Vinyl isn't the only material we offer for custom stickers and decals. We offer Acetate, which is a clear destructible material for inside window application. With a permanent adhesive and a translucent liner, choose acetate when you want your stickers and decals to be non-transferable. Inside-Window Reflective is a good choice when a highly visible decal or permit is required to be easily identified in low light conditions and it needs to be secured on the inside of the window. Mylar is a polyester material that has hard non-destructible properties, making it ideal for inside or outside application. Although Mylar decals and stickers come with a permanent adhesive, the material itself doesn't tear, and it’s easier to remove. Mylar is very popular for membership decals and parking permits. Rydin's Mylar stickers and decals come in 1ml and 2ml thicknesses. We also offer Opaque Mylar, which is constructed in layers so that light will not penetrate it. It is used for window decals that have printing on both sides so the print from one side does not show through to the other side, which is great for membership decals that are applied to glass doors and need to be easily readable from either side.

Getting Started

To order your decals, visit the page you're interested in from the choices above, find a style you like, and follow our easy online ordering instructions that allow you to choose colors, text, numbering, etc. Or, if you need totally custom vinyl stickers and decals, simply Contact Us and we'll help you get your design in process. Or call us at 1-800-448-1991.