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Rydin's Mini Hang Tags offer all of the same great benefits of our other hang tags. They are just smaller, so they don't hang as far down from the rear view mirror.

Our Mini Hang Tags measure 2.75" x 3.5". This size still allows a large, readable 3/8" printed number. For enforcement purposes, Mini Hang Tags are easy to see from the outside of the vehicle.

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Hang Tags are now made with 25 mil Composite material. We upgraded to the 25 mil Composite product due to its superior qualities to 23 mil Polyethylene.

25 mil Composite is engineered to be:

  • Better Looking:  Composite looks and feels similar to a credit card - rigid, durable, and with a gloss finish.
  • Cleaner: Images and graphics print clean and crisp.
  • Stronger: 25 mil thick vs. 23 mil
  • More Durable: Graphics, text, and other printed elements are in protected between layers of material --- they will not scratch or scuff. Composite properties also enable Hang Tags to stand up to extreme temperatures that can exist inside the vehicle.
  • Fade Resistant: UV-Inhibitors are infused into the material - which makes the Hang Tag resist premature fading.
  • Higher-Quality: A better product at no additional cost to you.