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Hang Tags
Hang Tag Parking Permits are an economical and effective parking control solution. Hang Tags are displayed from the rear-view mirror, and can be transferred from one vehicle to another - an excellent choice when you need flexibility.

Choose from a variety of popular shapes below.

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Our affordable, durable and reusable rear view mirror parking permit hang tags can be used as parking passes for one-time events as well as ongoing parking permit hang tags as identification for office building parking lots, schools, residential lots, retail, sporting and event venues, shopping centers or any location or situation that requires regulated parking.

Options for Parking Permit Hang Tags

Rydin Decal is the industry leader in parking permit hang tags. In business for more than 50 years, we offer the following types of parking permit hang tags:

Quite simply, Rydin Decal is your go-to source for any and all parking permit hang tags.

Parking Permit Hang Tags vs. Decals or Stickers

Why choose parking permit hang tags over parking permit stickers or decals? The answer is: The Flexibility Advantage. In multiple car families, it's not always certain who is driving which vehicle on any given day -- and parking permit hang tags allow the drivers to make a quick switch and everyone is good to go. If the permitted car is in for repair, parking permit hang tags can simply be displayed from the rear view mirror of a loaner, rental car or borrowed car. And if a resident or employee gets a new car? No problem. Owners can just hang their parking permit hang tags in the new vehicle. If flexibility is important, then rear view mirror parking permit hang tags from Rydin Decal are the best solution.

Creating Your Own Parking Permit Hang Tags

To order your parking permit hang tags online, just click one of the product links or pictures above to find out all the great features and advantages of each style of Parking Permit Hang Tags. It's simple to get started, and our parking permit hang tags are easy to customize -- with no computer expertise needed -- simply select your shape, color, logo and text.

If you have unique requirements for your parking permit hang tags, or innovative ideas you want to try for your parking solution, we can help - just let us know what you have in mind. Our excellent customer service staff is standing by to assist you with your questions or special requirements for your parking permit hang tags.

For additional customization and security features (colors, bar coding, anti-counterfeit features, reflective materials, printing on the reverse side) for your parking permit hang tags, please contact us.

Parking Permit Hang Tags for Educational, Commercial and Business Environments

Parking permit hang tags serve a number of purposes. The first, obviously is simply parking control -- regulating who gets to park where and when. Rydin Decal Parking Permit Hang Tags can help you control parking in a variety of lots, day and night with the use of wording, logos, colors, times, etc.

Safety and security are also driving the increased use of parking permit hang tags in residential, retail, commercial and office building applications. The perception of safety and security has become vitally important in today's world. People want to feel safe, and know that others driving in and out are approved to park there as well. Using Parking Permit Hang Tags shows that you're on the ball in the area of security. It helps demonstrate that you are willing to be proactive and take measures to regulate who belongs. . Parking permit hang tags also help enforcement staff to quickly identify violators. Prior to 9/11, parking lot security may not have been something many gave much thought to, unless parking was at a premium or the lot happened to be in a high crime area. Now, parking permit hang tags have become more important as property owners, operators and parking professionals seek to help protect students, employees, customers, clients, residents, facilities and visitors. Most college campuses, government facilities, office complexes, and other types of entities use some form of parking security system, and parking permit hang tags are the most economical way to instantly know who belongs there, and who doesn't. Rydin Decal's Parking Permit Hang Tags are a straightforward, easily-implemented solution that is durable, very visible and can be printed with any information you require.

With or without an onsite security booth or onsite parking attendant, parking permit hang tags are helpful. Enforcement staff that patrols the area can easily see if a vehicle belongs where it is parked. Regardless of the parking system you want to implement, regardless of budget, parking permit hang tags make administration of your facility's parking easier because it helps security immediately identify a car that doesn't belong. Even if it's not practical or possible to have a full time enforcement staff, Parking Permit Hang Tags provide an easy and affordable way to provide a measure of security and control. For additional security, you may want to look into our bar-coded and color coded parking hang tags.

Parking Permit Hang Tags for Residential Communities

For private communities or apartment complexes, management wants to be aware of who belongs and who doesn't for parking control, safety and security. Parking Permit Hang Tags provide a simple, economical and easy way to manage the parking situation and make sure that people are parking in the proper places and not overusing their allotted share.

In addition, people want to feel safe in their home and in their communities. The use of Parking Permit Hang Tags shows your residents that they are a part of a community in which safety is a priority. This simple, easily affordable security system can provide a certain peace of mind that might give your community the edge in rental or home purchase.

Another advantage for parking permit hang tags include emergency management, for example, vehicles with parking permit hang tags can be limited to specific residents. In an emergency situation, management could attempt to contact their residents.

Use Our Designs or Create Your Own Parking Permit Hang Tags

No matter what your requirements for parking permit hang tags are, Rydin Decal can provide whatever you need. If your parking permits require a shape or additional security features that are not offered on this website, then please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.