Heirloom Credentials

Lasting Memories – Lasting Impressions

Rydin’s Heirloom Credentials

Your Event – A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Rydin specializes in custom identification, access and security credentials that also provide your valued VIPs, employees and event attendees with a keepsake that will give them a lasting memory.

Discover how you can treat your most valuable supporters as a “Universe of One” with a
unique credential that’s perfect for your special events. 

• Hospitality Area Access • Special Autograph Section • Identifies VIPs

VIP Heirloom Credentials

Keepsakes – Creating a Memory

Whether you are sponsoring a large auto race, golf event, or other experience, your guests will leave with a lasting positive memory of your brand when you integrate Rydin’s Heirloom Credentials.

Once in a Lifetime Experiences call for special elements – and ensuring your event is organized, well run and that attendees are properly identified is a key component.   Rydin’s Heirloom Credentials allow you to Customize your event credentials while giving that long lasting memory to your VIPS, special guests, employees.

Rydin offers fully custom printed products to fulfill your unique applications. A few of the products that have made us the industry-leading specialized print solution provider for permit licensing include:

  • Variable Data
  • Limitless Design Options
  • Attendee Names
  • Attendee Images
  • High-quality and long lasting
  • Signature Panel for Collecting Autographs
  • Additional Security Features available

Professional Racing

Race Fans are very enthusiastic and loyal -that’s after all why you’re a sponsor.  When establishing your special events – including – hosting Hospitality Experiences, you want to make an imprint on your VIPs, special guests, incentive award winners, and perhaps even contest winners.

Give them something to remember the event – and your Brand – with a custom Credential.  Add their name and even their picture and you’ll have created a keepsake that your attendees will cherish.

Our Heirloom Race Hospitality Credentials feature a special Autograph panel that allows your guests to truly build a memory by collecting signatures of their racing heroes as they attend your meet-and-greet or wander around the paddock.

  • Rydin has many options security and anti-counterfeit options available from Metallic Blast to Holograms.  Click here for Rydin Security Features

Golf Tournaments

Golfers, like race fans, are deeply invested in their favorite pastime.  When you sponsor a tournament, your brand it going to get a great deal of recognition.  Extend that recognition to your key event attendees with Rydin’s Heirloom Credentials.

Are you:

  • Inviting fans to enter a contest to win a VIP Experience
  • Perhaps you’re rewarding your top sales team members
  • Have you invited your business partners, or
  • Are your most important vendors or customers invited

Either way – they’ll feel special and remember you and your event every time they look at their keepsake and the autographs they collected.

Corporate Incentive Trips & Events

Your Top people deserve the best – after all their contributions result in adding to your businesses’ bottom line.  When you recognize and congratulate your top team members, make them feel special with Rydin’s Custom Heirloom Credentials.

Customize your credentials with your key people’s Name and even Images – in addition to your branding and special event logo….

Heirloom Credentials are perfect for

  • Annual Meetings
  • Recognition and Reward Trips
  • Employee Team Building Events
  • Outings

Our printed in the USA products have that substantial high quality feel that you expect from a keepsake suitable item – Don’t be surprised if you see your credential proudly displayed on your team member’s  desks – or even in the background on those video calls!


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