When you think of “parking permits”, what comes to mind? A piece of paper that homerhangs from your rear view mirror or a pesky, little sticker that never seems to want to depart your car when you’re done with it? Sure, these are things that pop into your head when you think of parking permits. But there’s an innovative game changer that will make the parking process much easier. RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a new way some places are managing their parking.

With RFID technology, hang tags are able to be scanned from a distance, opening up a security gate and allowing passengers of vehicles to pass through into the building, without having to even open their car doors.  This is done through specific radio carfrequencies. Doesn’t seem too complex, right? All that needs to be done, in order to create such a technology, is the manufacturer needs to input a small chip and an antennae, or inlay, into the hang tag. The signal is then sent from the radio through this that then identifies the hang tag. And behold! Parking permits of the future!

So why choose RFID? I think the real question here is why not? Customers really enjoy this new method for many reasons. First off, it’s an easier and more “touch-free” approach. Instead of swiping a card, the hang tag holder just needs to drive right through and the scanner does all the work. Talk about convenient! Also, it is way better for the environment. Since you don’t need to worry about permanent attachment, the hang tags can be considered reusable. And with reusable hang tags, there’s a bright outlook for our carbon footprint! Using RFID is one step closer  to a better future for our  planet! Along with that, this method is very flexible. As long as it has the proper materials, which are the UHF frequency and being able to follow the EPC Gen2 protocol, then any vendor is able to read the hang tag. It’s nice to have a permit that is compatible with so many different vendors. Using this system makes the permits almost impossible to copy. Because there is a special permit number encoded into it, there’s no way to replicate it. There are also ways to encrypt communication between the permit and the reader. Your parking permit security is a top priority at Rydin.

RFID is a great start to advancing the parking management that companies need to deal with.