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No Smoking and No E-Cigarettes - Inside (NSEC-01-W)

No Smoking/No E-Cigarettes Decals enable you to notify people about the smoking and vaping policy on your campus. The Decals are made from Mylar (clear polyester material). An adhesive is on the face of the decal - simply remove the protective liner and apply the decal to the inside of the window. Printed in red, white and black, the decals are easy to see.

No Smoking/No E-Cigarettes Decals are sold in convenient packs of 10 Decals.

No Smoking/No E-Cigarettes Decals ship on the next normal business day (Monday - Friday) after the order is placed. If the decals are part of an order that includes non-stock items, then all items will follow the non-stock item shipping schedule.

Product Code:  NSEC-01-W
Size:                    6"W x 8"H
Material:           Mylar (Clear Polyester) with Adhesive on the face.
Application:     Inside - The adhesive is on the face of the decal and is applied to the inside of the window.
Quantity:          1 = 10 Decals


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