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Die Cut Stickers
Rydin makes decals and stickers in a variety of shapes: small squares, large squares, rectangles, ovals, circles, triangles, hexagons, diamonds, shields, footballs, paw prints and more. But what if you want an entirely unique shape for your decals? Thanks to our in-house die cutting capabilities, Rydin can make die cut stickers in virtually any size and shape you desire.

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Contact Us Today to Order Custom Die Cut Stickers & Decals!
In addition to our Diecut Decal Parking Permits, we can make customized die cut stickers into practically any shape you want. To explore all your options for custom die cut stickers, ask any questions, or to begin the design process with our highly trained and experienced staff, please contact us at 1-800-448-1991 or

Examples of Uses for Custom Die Cut Stickers

  • Custom die cut parking decals are an excellent way to control parking and get free advertising at the same time. Health clubs, country clubs, condominium and apartment complexes, hunting clubs, office buildings, and many other businesses use custom parking decals as a way to promote themselves.
  • High schools often choose die cut stickers when they want a unique decal in the shape of the school mascot.
  • Colleges and universities might want parking stickers, support stickers, or pride decals in the shape of a signature campus building or a sports team mascot.
  • Professional sports teams and/or their fan clubs often choose custom die cut stickers in the shape of the team's emblem.
  • Alumni associations might choose a custom-shaped decal in the shape of their seal or coat of arms, or a beloved school building or treasured spot on campus that fosters fond memories.
  • Other associations or organizations choose a unique shape so that their decals stand out, catch the eye and help promote their cause.
  • Companies select die cut stickers and decals to reinforce their branding, increase name and service mark recognition, or to promote special products.
  • These are just a few examples of the many uses for selecting custom-shaped stickers and decals for your unique brand.

Whether you're looking for die cut stickers and decals for the window, windshield or bumper of cars, trucks or other vehicles; are seeking a business application such as a store window, or if the intended use of decals is to affix them to notebooks, laptops, or any other surface, custom die cut stickers and decals will stand out and be noticed -- and they make a high-impact statement about your organization, school, company or cause.

Options for Creating Your Custom Stickers

  • Design Elements - Once you've decided on the custom shape and size you want, you can create your custom design, including layout, graphic and other visual elements, colors, font, text, numbering, etc., and where each will appear. Choose multiple colors, a logo or a photo, a drawing, or other visual elements. Our knowledgeable account representatives will be happy to help you, or if you already know exactly what you want and how you want it to look, you can simply send us your design and we'll make your idea a reality.

  • Material Choices - Rydin can custom die cut stickers and decals from a variety of materials including a number of different vinyl options (clear, white, destructible, cold weather vinyl, reflective, and static vinyl for adhesive-free, cling application) as well as a variety of Mylars (silver/metallic, removal, opaque, clear, and void Mylar). Please visit our Glossary of Terms to read about the features and advantages of each of these materials. Or we can guide you during the design process as to which is most appropriate for your use, design and application.

  • Security Features - If security is a concern, choose destructible and counterfeit-proof materials such as destructible vinyl (which cannot be removed in one piece), void feature Mylar, which reveals the word "void" if a decal is removed from its original placement. Add security features to your custom die cut stickers such as bar codes, foil stamping, holograms, microprint and others. Tell us your security concerns and we will be able to advise you as to your best protection. After more than 50 years in the sticker and decal business, we are comfortable offering our customers guidance on security features, materials and designs.

Next Steps

To explore all your options for custom die cut stickers, ask any questions, or to begin the design process with our highly trained and experienced staff, please contact us by phone at 1-800-448-1991, email at or fax at 1-630-483-9281.

If you have a sketch of your idea for a die cut shape and/or design, please forward it to us. We love to receive those "Could you do something like this?" requests because our answer is almost always, "Yes we can." Please be sure to include your phone number if you're going to fax us, so we can call you back.

Unusual Sizes

Die cutting is a way to provide precision-cut, special shapes for stickers and decals, and it also enables Rydin to cut signs and stickers to unusual sizes. If you need a regulation shape but you need it in larger than usual dimensions, please give us a call about our die cutting capabilities.