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Stickers & Decals
Rydin Decal offers a comprehensive variety of Parking Permit Decals and Stickers that fit into all kinds of parking control environments.

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from a wide variety of designs, shapes and colors.  Many stickers are available in a bumper or inside window style application.  Customize your decal with our online design tool.  It is easy to use so now you can create a unique look for your organization.

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Our custom stickers and decals include:

When it comes to custom stickers and decals, you can see that we pretty much do it all.


Our experience with custom stickers and decals spans six decades. Sure, things have changed a lot since we started 55 years ago, but the most important things have stayed the same . . . customers still expect a high-quality product at reasonable prices and they are still looking for custom stickers and decals that will not crack, peel or fade.

If you need additional security incorporated into your custom stickers and decals, we also have a wide variety of anti-counterfeit options to choose from. Two of these options are only available from Rydin - an exclusive hologram/hot stamp foil and a proprietary reflective material called Rydin Reflex.

Custom Stickers and Decals Available Shapes

All Rydin custom stickers and decals can be any size or shape you want or need. Of course we offer standard sizes such as 2 x 2 squares, 3 x 3 squares, standard rectangle bumper stickers, small identification and security stickers and a host of standard shape theme stickers and decals. Because we use precision die cutting for our custom stickers and decals, we can literally create any shape you want - even your school's mascot!

Printing Methods for Custom Stickers and Decals

We use various methods to print custom decals and stickers. Our goal is to select the printing method that will best suit your requirements.


We offer a variety of cutting-edge materials and features for our custom stickers and decals including:

  • Destructible vinyl- used wherever high security is vital. Once applied, it cannot be removed in one piece. Perfect for your expensive office equipment and for parking stickers that you do not want to be transferred.
  • Rydin Reflex- used when you need security and visibility for your custom stickers and decals in low light conditions. Just shine a flashlight and watch it light up. It has an exclusive watermark integrated into the surface to give it anti-counterfeit properties and it is also destructible, which makes it difficult to remove in one piece.
  • Void Feature Mylar- a shiny chrome material that can only be used once. After applied, the word "VOID" will appear when the custom stickers and decals are removed. Great where security and anti-theft features are important.

Security Uses for Custom Stickers and Decals

Is your organization concerned with theft or fraudulent activity? Custom stickers and decals can be part of the solution! How about using custom ID stickers for your office equipment, books, CDs and DVDs, computers and even hard copy files? This is a great way to discourage theft and to uncover tampering. Contact us to find out more information about custom stickers and decals with special security features.

Promotional Uses for Custom Stickers and Decals

Perfect for getting the word out about public service announcements, proud alumni, rock bands and political candidates, custom stickers and decals are also are a great way to show your affiliation with churches, schools, sports teams, memberships, causes you support, pride in your honor roll student and animals you love. From the practical to the whimsical, from security to marketing and promotion, custom stickers and decals have many applications.

How about using a custom designed bumper sticker with a catchy slogan to promote your organization? They really work! Slogans are an effective way to brand your company or cause. People tend to notice and remember them. Eventually they become part of the public consciousness. Who isn't familiar with famous slogans like, "Just Do It!" or "Save the Whales" Bumper stickers or custom stickers and decals of any size are an inexpensive and highly noticeable way to promote your company, product or cause.

No slogan? Equally good for branding and marketing your business are custom stickers and decals with your company's colors, logo or picture. Both online and offline we can work directly from your original artwork, in the form of a logo or even a photograph. You can't get more custom than that!

Does your school have a mascot or sports team? Custom stickers and decals can be used to promote school spirit for any team. You can use them for alumni associations and booster clubs, and they can be used for every sport or activity you can think of - football, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, cheer, track, band, etc. "Go Team!"

Are you involved in a campaign or cause? If so, you already know that custom stickers and decals with your candidate's name or slogan are a great way of getting your message out there. You can use stickers with your personal slogan to inspire your voters to show strong support at the polls or inspire your membership to rally for your worthy cause.

Custom stickers and decals of all kinds are popular today for a wide variety of uses. They are decorative and informative and are only as limited as your imagination. Whatever your needs, Rydin Decal is the perfect choice for any and all custom stickers and decals.

No matter what your ideas or requirements, Rydin Decal can create whatever custom stickers and decals you need - any color, size, logo, font, shape, message, graphic, etc. Contact us today!