When we were young, safety was something that we thought we always had. Whether it was our parents tucking us in and checking the closet for the boogey man or making sure we were home before it got dark out, we knew what safety meant. As we grew up, we realized being secure is a lot more complex: extra precautions at airports, more security at crowded, populated places, more regulations on everything, etc. So why shouldn’t parking permits be more secure? The amount of counterfeit permits out there is outrageous and people seem to be getting away with not paying for them. But Rydin has what it takes to sidestep these shenanigans. We offer multiple security features for our permits.

Let’s start with materials     The reflective material, which can be made for inside and outside-window permits, makes it extremely easy for the permits to be seen at night or in direct sunlight. This material can also be laminated/attached to another material in order to create hangtags. The special difference between a reflective material and a rydin reflex material is that, in addition to the reflective property, it also contains a watermark. It provides double the protection. The prismcal material is really interesting due to the fact that it has a “holographic” feel and changes the way it looks based on the angle you’re viewing it. The last material, the “void” polyester, is made so it can only be used once. Once it’s applied, taking it off is very difficult. If someone tries to remove it, “VOID” appears on the permit. There’s no way anyone can use it again.

voidpirisrydin reflectreflect

But wait! There’s more!         There are other ways, besides materials, that can be used to prevent counterfeiting. Hate to “foil” your plans, but there’s a special kind of metallic foil that can be applied to permits that make it hard to be counterfeited. These foils come in different solid colors that fit your needs. The counterfeit deterrent ink we offer is a distinctive ink that can only be seen when viewed under a black light. Also hard to see without a special tool, we use a micro-print to create words that go all over the permit. This is so most copiers and printers can’t reproduce the permit because the print it too small to duplicate. Security slits make it so once someone tries to detach it, the permit tears. And lastly, our holographic security lamination is a 3D laminate that’s added to composite products. Try counterfeiting those!


Rydin just wants to ensure that you have all the security that your permits require! Better to be safe than sorry!