Rydin PermitExpress® was developed to help schools register drivers and issue permits at the beginning of a new academic school year, but other institutions have seen the benefits of using our parking management software.

High Schools

High School parking has its own set of challenges. Students are relatively inexperienced and driving a car that belongs to a parent or guardian. PermitExpress® can be configured to require registered owner and insurance information as part of the registration, and can provide the school a chance to verify supporting documents before issuing a permit to a student. Typically, drivers park in the morning and the car remains in that space for the entire school day. Plus there might not be enough physical parking spaces to meet demand. The Rydin PermitExpress® team can help provide strategies to handle these situations.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and University parking programs can be quite complex. There can be commuters and residents, day students and night students, undergrad and graduate students, faculty, adjunct faculty and staff, each needing a different permit type. Unlike high schools, the class schedules can be more dynamic and therefore the parking spaces can “turnover” many times a day. The Rydin PermitExpress® team will work closely with you to reduce the number of people choosing an incorrect permit type and maximize the number of permits sold, and help you increase your number of paid citations.


Hospitals can be just as big and complex as colleges and universities, and face many of the same parking challenges. Rydin PermitExpress® can help organize and simplify the parking management program at large institutions.

Who Else?

Basically, any institution that wants to identify the people who are permitted to park on their facility grounds, and in what specific locations or times of day, can simplify their parking management. The time saving benefit of drivers key stroking their own information, the convenience of online registration, payments and appeals for drivers and the updating of information in real time can help many institutions simplify their parking management with Rydin PermitExpress®. Give us a call to discuss how we can help!