Rydin is proud to be the only company in the parking industry to offer custom printed permits, a full parking management software and distribution services. The team here at Rydin has worked hard and spent many hours to make sure that each and every one of these services are top notch and provide the experience that you’ve come to know from Rydin.

One service that we’re especially proud of is Rydin Distribution Services. Now, this may seem like a simple process, but in this blog post we’ll dive into the process of getting your custom printed orders delivered directly to your students, faculty, residents and customers.

The benefits of using Rydin Distribution Services are plentiful. First, is the elimination of registration and pickup day. Those are two more days that you don’t have long lines of students or residents in your office, frustrated parkers and staff and the headaches that come with these highly stressful days. Secondly, you eliminate the massive data entry that comes with permit registration. There’s a ton of paperwork, keystroking and so much time spent to get this task done. Most departments just don’t have the resources to get this done and can create a backlog of work, which is very defeating. We’ve heard from some of our customers that data entry for their permit registration used to take over two weeks to complete. That’s two whole weeks that parking staff are unable to complete other responsibilities and a ton of potential revenue lost!

So, now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using Distribution services, let’s get into the process of getting your custom order permits delivered directly to your parkers. The first step, of course, is getting your print order finalized and printed. With our huge selection of shapes, sizes, colors and more, there is definitely a permit that you’ll love that will also be great for distribution services. Most of our distribution clients complete their order in spring or early summer so there will be enough time to fulfill the order and get them shipped out to your parkers.

Once you’ve completed your order, it’s now time to get your distribution list together. The wonderful thing about Rydin distributing your permits is that you only need to create the list and then send it to us and we’ll do the rest! All we need you to do is create either an Excel file (XLS) or a CSV file and upload it to our secure FTP site. There are only 3 pieces of information we need you to include in the spreadsheet: One – The parker’s name, Two – Their mailing address, Three – Permit Type. You should be able to easily export this file from your parking management software or student information system, and we have an experienced IT staff that can help assist with the process if we do run into any difficulties.

Once your order has been printed, it’s now time for Rydin to prepare the permit packets for mailing. Some other important documents we can include in the packets are rules & regulations, university or city information, campus or city map, or any other documents you think are useful to have! Our team of experts will collate each parking permit into an envelope along with an introduction letter that you can custom design. Once the permits are printed and we receive your data, we can complete this process in 24-48 hours. We have staff ready during the busy times at the beginning of the school year or semester to get these processed and out the door as quickly as possible.

Finally, the permits are sent in the mail and delivered! We’ll send the permits directly to your students, faculty, residents and staff members. Once we mail the permits out, we’ll send you an updated database that indicates who received which permit number and when their packet was sent!

It really is that simple. We’re so excited about this service because we know how much it truly helps relieve some of the biggest stresses that our customers face. So, if you’re thinking about simplifying your registration process, give us a call!

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