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Here at Rydin, we are parking control industry and custom print product solution experts. Our dedicated team of Print Specialists, advanced production facility, use of high-quality materials, and focus on complete customer satisfaction allows us to deliver a solution for even the most unique or challenging print needs.

Learn about some of our great print or software products below, and Request a Quote or Sample today!

Rydin decal product examples

Decals & Stickers

Rydin produces an array of high-quality, long-lasting custom printed decals and stickers.

  • Parking permits, licensing permits, informational signage, warning stickers, property ID labels, and validators are just some of the custom solutions we’re able to produce.
  • Designed to fit organizational needs and budget.
  • Specify permanent, removable, or destructible material and then add security features such as sequential numbering and holograms.

Our print experts can assist in creating a completely custom design that allows for nearly limitless possibilities. Need it to stick? Connect with Rydin and request a quote for your custom print needs.

Hang Tags

Rydin is an expert in custom printed hang tag solutions. Our expert team is able assist in the design and execution of any parking or identification need that requires the use of a vehicle hang tag.

  • Standard or completely custom designs featuring nearly any colors, logo, shape, or message.
  • Exclusive Rydin Bump Notch cut-out is made to hang from nearly any rearview mirror.
  • Durable material options allow for heavy-duty, long lasting, and UV resistant hang tags.
  • Proprietary security features can be included, some of the many options available are: sequential numbering, holograms, reflective materials, and Metallic BlastSM are available to stop counterfeiting.

With nearly limitless design possibilities, Rydin has your hang tag solution. Request a quote or sample to get in touch and fulfill your specialized needs today.

Rydin hang tag product examples
Rydin temporary permit product examples

Temporary Permits

Rydin’s custom temporary tag solutions offer an affordable solution for access and the short-term tracking of visitors, guests, or users with ease.

  • Printed on index, card stock, or gloss cover, to provide standard temporary paper tags; or perforated designs that allow for write-in information to keep a record of a vehicle or driver.
  • Optional scratch-off or punch-out tags are great for longer-duration needs with nearly limitless customization.
  • Enhance these temporary permits with security features like foil or holograms to make the job of a counterfeiter more difficult.

Offer secure access with ease, and make it simple for an enforcement team to catch violators with Rydin’s temporary permit solutions. Request a quote and get in touch with our print experts today.

Barcode Products

Custom printed barcodes can be added to almost any decal, credential, or hang tag. Barcodes add increased levels of security and identification for any organization.

  • Rydin’s high-quality barcode solutions provide an enforcement team with the ability to access a wide range of information and identify violators in seconds.
  • Easily scan barcodes with a portable scanner, or smartphone.
  • Available in a wide range of encoding languages, including 3 of 9 and 128.

Connect with our expert team today and find out how Rydin can provide a solution for your barcoded product needs.

Rydin barcode product examples
RFID Rydin product examples

RFID Technology

Automate and provide secure access with high-quality, RFID enabled hang tags, decals, and credentials from Rydin. 

  • Security – Holograms, laminates, and scannable codes reduce counterfeiting and enhance overall security.
  • Technology – Integrating the latest RFID technology into tags, decals and credentials.
  • Design – Full-color text, logos, and photos to reinforce branding or visibility.
  • Partnering with TRES, a leading innovative manufacturer of cost-effective, and high-performance RFID scanners.

With our partners, Rydin is able to provide everything for secure automatic access control. Get started on securing your community or facilities access points and request a quote today to obtain your custom solution.

Security Features

Concerned with fraudulent use, counterfeiting, or other security threats? Some will go through incredible efforts to avoid fees, registration, or to gain restricted access. Rydin offers an assortment of innovative, high-quality, and proprietary security features for every type of product and budget to ensure only secure access and use; some of these great options include:

  • Sequential Numbering
  • Self-voiding materials
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Scannable codes
  • Holographic film
  • Security slits
  • RFID Technology
  • Metallic BlastSM

These features make the job of an enforcement team much easier, and the job of a counterfeiter much more difficult. Request a quote or sample and ask our experienced experts about the security solutions that would work for your custom printed product today.

Examples of some of the security features available at Rydin
Rydin permit distribution program example

Distributing permits can be a time-consuming and tedious job. Optimize staff time while increasing efficiency with Rydin’s Distribution Service.

  • Any number of permits can be produced, prepared for mailing, and shipped on time directly to the proper recipient.
  • No need to hire temporary staff or pause other critical tasks to deal with annual permits.
  • You’re in control – extra information or inserts that the recipients should have can be easily printed and included. 

It’s simple, Rydin will help you design and order the number of permits you need, tell us of any added inserts, and upload a mailing list onto our secure platform – we’ll take care of the rest! Streamline your permit distribution process with Rydin and request a quote from one of our print experts today.

Rydin’s PermitExpress® parking management software is a powerful, web-based solution that combines permit registration, distribution, and citation management in one secure, easy-to-use platform.

  • Avoid the paperwork and long hours of entering data. 
  • Convenient e-commerce portal allows online registration and payment.
  • Access and manage from anywhere with our Android™ app, or through any device with an internet browser.
  • Opt to receive a temporary permit through email while the permits are prepared for immediate enforcement. 
  • Combine with Rydin’s distribution service and eliminate the need for customers to make on-site visits to pick up their permits.

Don’t take our word for it, see PermitExpress® customer success stories here. Request a demo with our software experts and see how Rydin can provide Simplified Parking Management. 

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