Parking Permit Distribution Services significantly benefits Colleges, Universities and High Schools nationwide and continues to grow in popularity. Below are several reasons why your school should implement these services:

Parking Permit Distribution Services Eliminates Long Lines.

When you have hundreds or thousands of permits to hand out, the task of processing each permit one by one is daunting. This is especially true when you have lines of students, faculty and staff standing in line outside your office. Parking Permit Distribution Services eliminates this hassle by sending the permits to the parker; so long lines of frustrated customers are eliminated.

 Parking Permit Distribution Services Saves Your Staff Time.

Parking Permit Distribution Services allows you to hand off the entire fulfillment process. Simply upload a file with the students’ names, mailing addresses and permit types to a secure FTP site. Once the file is received, a Data Processing Team begins the distribution process. Easy enough, right?

The fulfillment center assembles and collates each permit packet for mailing. Typically each packet includes the Parking Permit, Rules and Regulations, a Campus Map, and any other important school information you choose to include. You’re in control.

 Parking Permit Distribution Services Improves Customer Service.

Your customers are no longer required to stand in line to get their permit. Additionally, Parking Permit Distribution Services will give you the peace of mind knowing that the right permit is getting into the right recipient’s hand. The fulfillment center will send you an updated database that indicates who received which permit number and when their packet was sent.

Auburn University implemented Permit Distribution Services to enhance their Parking Permit Program. Here’s what they had to say about Parking Permit Distribution Services:

“The Rydin fulfillment center assembled and mailed over 5,000 permits; and students are thrilled that they no longer have to come to our office or some location on campus to pick up their permit.” Don Andrae, Manager, Parking Services – Auburn University

 Parking Permit Distribution Services offers many benefits, and progressive organizations are already using it to improve their operations.  Will the next big thing work on your campus? Contact your Parking Permit Vendor to find out.

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