I’d like to share my experience of the first time I went to the Parking Industry Exhibition.

First, some background:

  • My entire career has been in the printing, but I was new to the parking industry
  • I had attended many exhibitions, including print & graphics, direct mail marketing and even a candy show.

I started at Rydin as a Print Production Planner. After 6 months, I was asked to attend a local trade show, called PIE!

Visions of Peach, Dutch Apple and French Silk danced through my head…


“Sure!” I said, enthusiastically.

“Great! You’ll be going to the Boot Camp presentations on Sunday, before the show officially opens.
It will be beneficial for you to hear some of the challenges our customers and prospects face in the parking industry.”

As I translated the acronym in my head, the images of tasty desserts faded away, and my stomach rumbled in protest.

I attended a session aimed at colleges and universities. The presenter oversaw Parking and Transportation for a large university, including a hospital.
After a short introduction, he went to a dry erase board and wrote down one word: politics.
His message was that he had a lot of other departments to communicate with in order to get things done.

I had already worked on plenty of parking related orders, including permits, warning stickers, tow signs and citation forms.
But I never thought about the real-world applications of these products, or the policies they meant to support.

This served me well when I joined the Rydin PermitExpress© (RPE)team, which is our web-based permit registration, distribution and citation software.
Every institution has different needs and challenges.
It takes multiple disciplines working together to orchestrate a parking management program.

You have the people/departments who:

  • Distribute permits and/or know which type of driver qualifies to register for which type of permit.
  • Enforce parking regulations and issue tickets, and/or hear appeals.
  • Decide what payment methods are accepted and processed for both permits and citations.
  • Access databases to verify a list of people officially associated with their institution, and categorize them in line with permit type options.

Each of these disciplines has their own valid, yet incomplete view of their parking management practices.
In my experience, the most effective parking management systems, and RPE implementations, have a “point person” or project manager.
This person can see the big picture and work with all disciplines to make decisions.

Much like I learn something new every year at PIE, the RPE team is ready to share our experiences and help meet your parking management needs.

Look for Rydin at PIE next week (If I’m not in the booth, I’m probably looking for something sweet to eat.)

Or, always feel free to reach out:

(800) 448-1991


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