For nearly as long as people have been driving automobiles, there has always been the need to park. Add to that the boom in population in urban areas in more recent years and you see the demand for a solution to the headaches of parking management. Thankfully, the parking permit has been the go to answer for nearly all those in the parking industry.

Since parking management issues are so common, parking permits are something you come across nearly every day. Whether it is a decal or hang tag, you have likely used a parking permit in your very own car at one time or another. The fact that they’re so common makes them easy to overlook. However, these little parking saviors lead quite an interesting life. Have you ever thought – “What does it take to bring these parking permits to life?”

Here at Rydin, we have a very specific process to produce the highest quality parking permits with the quickest production turn-around time possible. There is a multi-step process to bring these parking permits to life:

  1. Need/Idea

The very first step in the life of a parking permit is that initial need and idea. Parking professionals will decide based on their own situation that they need parking permits and they might come up with a color scheme or design of their very own.

  1. Quote

Once the parking professional moves forward on their need, they reach out to us here at Rydin to obtain a price quote on their idea. Their sales representative will go through the process of taking the idea to an initial design with all of the specifications that are needed.

  1. Order Entry

Once the quote has been agreed upon, the sales representative will request an order. Then, Order Entry creates an order based on all the details and specifications in the quote.

  1. Art

It is at this point in the process that the parking permit comes alive! The Art Department will look at an order and create an image for the product. They will incorporate all of the specifications in the order to make sure the permit looks its’ absolute best. At this point, they will also review the practicality of the materials selected. Sometimes, certain materials will be better in different situations, and this is when Rydin makes absolutely sure you will be getting the best product for your specific needs.

  1. Production

Now that the permit has gone from an idea to an actual design, it is time to produce the permits! Once the Art Department and the customer approve the design, it is sent to production to be created. The production team first has to set up all of the appropriate machinery necessary to produce the permit. Once the correct number of permits has been printed, we review the job to make sure there are no mistakes or quality control issues. If they clear the review, the permits are complete and ready to be shipped!

  1. Shipping

We’re getting close to the permit being in the hands of the customer! Now that the permits are ready, we package them up based on specifications from the customer. We seal the box, and send it off to UPS to be shipped. Customers will receive another email letting them know their permits have shipped and provide them with a tracking number.

  1. Delivery

In this final step, the permits are delivered to the customers. From our shop to your door, these permits are produced with extreme attention to detail. Now, the permits are ready for the next step in their life – everyday use. We know that our high quality materials will ensure these permits last long with no problems.

This process has been repeated millions of times and produced some of the most interesting designs ever seen on parking permits. When you order from Rydin, we want you to be able to focus on the other pressing tasks of your job, so we hope you enjoyed getting a little glimpse into the life and creation of your parking permits.

If you’re interested in starting this process with an idea of your very own, please reach out to us by email: or call us at (800) 448-1991.