Business as usual looks very different these days. If they have not already, occupants will soon be returning to your facility and the number one priority is to keep them safe from COVID-19. According to the CDC, it is recommended that organizations, schools, and businesses devise a post-pandemic plan that educates their students and staff on steps they can take to protect themselves while at school and work. Below are the top 5 health and safety products our clients are currently implementing into their reopening plan to ensure a safe environment:

"Wash Your Hands" Decals


1. “Wash Your Hands” Decals

Wash Your Hands Decals promote healthy habits and serve as a visual reminder to frequently follow proper handwashing protocols. They also remind your students, staff, and visitors of the importance of clean hands to stop the spread of COVID-19.



Social Distancing Floor Decals


2. Social Distancing Floor Decals

Social Distancing Floor Decals send a clear message that it is crucial to keep at least 6-feet away from other people. These decals are perfect for hospitals, schools, warehouses, government buildings, and other public facilities with a higher number of occupants. Regulate the flow and foot traffic by placing them 6-feet apart.


Sanitizer Station Decals



3. Hand Sanitizer Station Decals

Hand Sanitizer Station Decals easily identify your sanitizer locations in your facility. They visually communicate the importance of clean hands to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Hand Sanitizer Station Decals also encourage healthy habits and enhances a safe school and work environment.


Social Distancing Decals



4. Custom Social Distancing Decals

Social Distancing Decals direct your students, staff, and visitors on how to stay socially distanced and adhere to your new health and safety guidelines. They are highly visible and a better source of communication than traditional verbal instructions.


Sanitized & Ready Door Hangers



5. Sanitized and Ready Door Hangers

Sanitized and Ready Door Hangers inform others that a room has been cleaned and sanitized, helping to eliminate the fear of entering a contaminated room or office space.




These essential Health Safety products can help ensure a safe and efficient reopening once COVID-19 restriction have been lifted, and your students and staff return to your facility. Be sure to check out the rest of Rydin’s Health Safety Decals, Informational Signage, and Access Control Products for all your facility needs. We take pride in helping keep hospitals, educational facilities, government institutions, corporations, and several different other organizations across the county secure with our various security features and enforcement products.

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